kAWAn2 =)

That's me .

That's me .

Thursday, 24 November 2011

i really hate u . :(

as u kn0e , i hate u ..
as u kn0e , i dnt want to see u agen ..
did u kn0w y ?
bc0z i l0ve u ..
0r mybe i should say that u heart l0ve n belongs to sme1 else which i cnnoy stole it agen ..
d0n't love need a sacrifice ??
s0 i juz kill ma l0ve 4 y0ur l0ve ..
but i d0 ! did y0u do the same?? i d0n't think s0 ..
but i still pray 4 y0ur happiness ..
juz g0 wif her but i begging y0u ..
plezz dnt 4get me as i rmember y0u .. :''(